NYC Part 1: Welcome to the Jungle

You may not believe this, but there are farmers in NYC.

 On my last visit to the City, I stayed in the Times Square area. This trip, we spent most of our time in the East Side.

And for NYC? It was amazingly quiet. Yes, there were people (ok, LOTS of people), but the energy and feel of the place was very different.

The biggest surprise was the green spaces – areas of actual land with trees and plants and sometimes, even critters. Some of these community gardens were started decades ago by locals who took it upon themselves to better their communities… to give something back… to breath new life into the area in the only way they knew how – by purposefully growing things on abandoned lots.

Today, these green spaces are protected by laws and celebrated by locals and visitors alike. Giant trees, beautiful flowers, and even vegetables, growing sandwiched in between 30 story buildings.

The commercial value of these plots of land boggle the mind… but what these areas add to experience of the area is truly priceless.

And the people…

We met a man who has been ‘farming’ his spot for nearly 20 years. We met people who volunteer regularly to maintain a particularly large garden on the corner of 9th and C. And we met a woman who gathers acorns from trees in other parts of the City and brings them to the squirrels in a park with no acorns.


Well done, NYC. Well done.


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