Three Day Photo Retreat


Yes, this is a thing. And it is PURE MAGIC.

I have often wondered what it would be like to spend more than an hour or two on a photo session. So much of what I do involves connection… about really SEEING the person I am working with. The best photos seem to come near the end of the session, when the barriers have been dropped and a deeper level of connection is established. Photographer and subject begin to work together and dive deep into the process.

Pe_122I have created this package to take that magic to a whole new level <3

Here’s how it works. You get the full attention of the studio for three days. From the moment you arrive in Jonesborough, we begin our connection. We eat together, site see together, and most importantly, spend lots of time taking amazing images. We work at your pace and with your desired goals, but we have time for two to three photo sessions per day. We can work in the studio, on the top of a mountain, in a swimming pool, near a river, deep in the woods, and even urban cityscapes. Anything and everything is on the table.

Faces by Ren will provide stunning makeup services for every single shoot, and if you are up for it, Pe_045Ren can even turn you into a living work of art with body paint.

The experience is magical, and the images you receive afterwards will be nothing short of incredible.Pe_141



  • Three days of fully immersed in artistic exploration of who you are and what you bring to the world
  • Each day includes several photo shoots – mountain tops, dark woods, rivers, waterfalls, urban areas (body paint and underwater options available)
  • Local lodging options abound – options include the historic Carnegie Hotel, as well as local B+B’s. Regardless, you are only minutes away from the studio!
  • Share as many meals with us as you like. This gives us time to not only get to know you even better, but also lets us share some of our favorite local cuisine


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